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 Who's Your WebAgent?

🟪 WebAgent Services

WebAgent Plans are a subscription-based service for website maintenance and online marketing. Websites need updates, and marketing takes time and money. Marketing content is included however, plans do not include direct marketing costs. New website build costs may or not be included. WebAgent plans are Month-to-Month, cancel anytime. 

The monthly WebAgent Plan includes: Hosting, SSL, Emails, Website System Updates, Minor Website Consent Updates, and direct Support from your WebAgent. All plans basically include the same services, but to leser to a much greater degree of time spent on your account. 

The WebAgent Helium Plan, for $22 per month, includes two (2) work hours per month.

A WebAgent is an online service professional, retained to develop and maintain websites and marketing.

A WebAgent is a mid-level, service professional who builds and maintains websites and does online marketing. Every website has at least one person who built and maintains that website. The WebAgent is the point of contact for website maintenance and updates. The WebAgent is also integral in managing online listings and profiles and managing feedback. The success of a website is largely dependent on the WebAgent.

One Monthly Payment for All-Inclusive Service

WebAgent services are a monthly-based subscription. There's often a separate cost for the website development. The website maintenance, updates and marketing plan are included in a WebAgent service plan. The monthly subscription price is all-inclusive; it includes hosting, domains, SSL certificates, website updates, application subscription and reporting services. The WebAgent's skill, time and effort put into the website maintenance and marketing, is also included in the monthly WebAgent service plan. 
Who`s Your WebAgent?
Short Answer: A WebAgents is responsible for building and maintaining websites.
What is a WebAgent? Why do you need a WebAgent? Who's your WebAgent?